Vicki Roycroft

Discipline: SHOW JUMPING

Current Horses:

Congo Z, Bellhaven Jazz, Bellhaven Sanskrit, St James Palace, Dynamite Bay, Adeline des Hayettes and a few more young ones..

What are your top 5 best performances?

  1. won 3 Australian Ch’ships (2 in show jumping, 1 in eventing)
  2. only female rider in the world to have represented in Olympics in 2 Equestrian disciplines (Eventing, 1984, Show jumping 1988, 1996)
  3. competed in 3 World Equestrian Games.
  4. won Pacific League of World Cup 4 times
  5. won 35 World Cup Qualifiers on 12 different horses.

Who has had the biggest influence on your career to date?

Bill Roycroft, George Morris.

Was it always your plan to work with horses professionally?

Yes, as I got older…

What made you choose your current discipline?

It was cheaper than Eventing!!

What qualities do you look for when choosing a new horse?

Good type, soundness, jumping ability.

What is your favourite training exercise?

Counter canter.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

The prospect of riding nice horses!

How do you deal with the lows of the sport?

There’s always a solution, and always there is someone doing it tougher than I am.

Your most embarrassing career moment?

Too many to recall!

What would your advice be to an aspiring professional?

You have to have a total committment to the sport, and a very good work ethic.

What do you like about Proteq Equine Bedding?

Very easy to clean, dust free, smells great! Binds better than straw/shavings, no more scraped hocks!

What would you say to anyone who is hesitating to make the change over to Proteq?

It is simply a far superior bedding than any other.

Ultimate goal?

Maybe another Olympics or World Cup Final… but also to train more talented horses and riders.

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