Written Testimonials

Our horse had to have a tumor removed from his hoof and is being stabled 24/7 for an extended period of time. The vet said the most important thing was to keep the opened hoof dry and clean, especially while bone is exposed. Bandaging kept it clean but the Proteq has been amazing as it soaks up any urine straight away and keeps his hoof dry. In addition he’s wearing a hospital plate – which means he has 4 bolts under his shoe, making a sore foot extra uncomfortable to walk on. Due to the softness and spring in the Proteq bedding, he’s comfortably standing and we’re not getting any swelling in his legs. As for cleaning up – so easy. It’s like clumping kitty litter so just pick up the wet section and you’re done. Thank you Proteq for making a difficult job so much easier. I will never ever go back to sawdust!!!

— Bronnie Juett

David Shoobridge

Proteq Equine Bedding have been a constant for my horses for years. The best bedding around… clean, hygienic and comfortable! The horses are relaxed and those cleaning the stables are grateful for the efficiency of the fine grains of savings

— David Shoobridge

Had first night using Proteq and seriously impressed. Have one stable Proteq and one hardwood shavings and there is no comparison! Awesome product

— Katie Bloomfield

Maree Tomkinson

Absolutely love our Proteq stables! They are so clean and look beautiful but most importantly they have reduced the amount of dust in our stables enormously. Super impressed with this product! Wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t seen it for myself .

Has made a huge improvement to the quality of care we can provide

— Maree Tomkinson

Nicole Tough

“Furst Tyme (aka Finnegan) is an asthmatic, whom I’ve always had to medicate prior to training. Competing is a pain, as I’m not allowed to help him breathe as asthma drugs are swabbable. I won’t get into how unfair I think this is, but I saw Proteq Equine Bedding at the recent QLD State Dresssage Championships and was impressed by their product and thought I’d like to give it a try as any type of sawdust/straw seems to aggravate Finnegan’s airways.
It’s been 5 days since we refilled his stable bed with Proteq, and I’ve had 3 rides without needing his medication! WOW, amazing product! I’m sold, and am going to replace all the horses beds with Proteq. If it helps Finnegan as much as it has, surely it can’t be good to have the other horses inhaling and dealing with dust. Well done to this company for such an innovative product!

— Nicole Tough

Mattea Davidson – Davidson Equestrian

Respiratory problems affect a large number of horses in Australia due to our dusty and hyperallergenic environment. Dust management is critically important in providing clean air. Proteq offers owners a low dust solution to stable bedding, as well as being soft and clean. Your horses will be healthier and perform better in a low dust environment. Proteq will help your horse to breath easily so that you can as well.

— Mattea Davidson – Davidson Equestrian

Amanda Shoobridge – Revelwood

Revelwood made the switch to Proteq bedding several years ago. I have found it to be an excellent bedding for foaling mares due to its dense nature, absorptive properties and best of all providing an almost dust free environment for sensitive foal lungs. Proteq is easy to clean and aids in the control of bacterial contamination which is vital for young susceptible foals to maintain a healthy environment

— Amanda Shoobridge – Revelwood

Super happy with my change to Proteq bedding. I find it more cost effective than shavings as the manure and wet bedding is easier to separate from the clean bedding. I have a horse with an old leg injury that would fill from being stabled overnight, now he is so comfortable on the new bedding that he lays down which means no leg swelling, and my horses hooves are not drying like they used to. The bags make storage easy.

— Polly Kerslake

We are loving the Proteq Equine Bedding. I have large warmbloods and the stable cleaning time only takes 25% of what it did previously. Stables smell clean and minimal wastage.

— Johan Nilsson

Kate Elliot of Breakoday Quaterhorses

Breakoday Quarterhorses prefers Proteq because quality care equates with quality performance

Photo credit : Stephen Mowbray.
Horse: ‘Einsteins Revelation’
QH Stallion owned by Deb and Anthony Ross

— Kate Elliot of Breakoday Quaterhorses

Kymberley Stewart


Not just for the professionals but also for me. My horses are my passion and their health and wellbeing is my priority.  From the paddock ponies to the National competing show horses, all of them have extremely benefitted from being stabled on PROTEQ EQUINE BEDDING.  It’s clean, dust free, economical, smells great and I can just pick it up in the car.  Storage is so easy and I can even take it with me to events.  My horses have never been healthier or happier. PROTEQ protects them.

— Kymberley Stewart

Krystee Muscat

Hey guys, just a little bit of a brag from a very happy customer!

I’m from Far North Queensland, three weeks ago we were hit by STC Debbie, being on the southern side of the eye we were also hammered with over 1000mls of rain in less than 48hrs along with the local dam’s water being released our property flooded. Over 25ft of water roared over the paddocks and we almost lost one of my show horses. I had not long filled my stables with Proteq Equine Bedding but was very upset when two foot of water rose through the stables, it’s gone was my first thought. When the water finally went down a muddy mess was left but the Proteq seemed to still be there…three weeks on and this is the result, it’s dirty from the mud but it has totally dried out and is almost as fluffy as normal. I will still have to dig it out and replace it because it’s yucky underneath the rubber but I could not be happier with Proteq, you certainly wouldn’t see this with wood shavings there would be one hell of a mess to clean up!

So, thank you for creating an amazing product that myself and my horses love.

— Krystee Muscat

Gillian Kerr

I happened across your product yesterday in an emergency situation, while doing an internet search.  Fortunately my regular feed supplier, Derks Produce at Thirmere, is a stockist.

My mare had colic surgery last Thursday 16th March and was discharged from the Sydney University Vet Hospital on Tuesday this week.  My own stable at home is still being built, so I was kindly allowed to use the stable of a friend for my mare to recover in until this weekend.

Unfortunately Tuesday night’s rain caused flash flooding on her property and the stable got flooded!  I can’t move my mare home until the weekend and couldn’t have her standing in soaked bedding.

I emptied the stable and poured three bags of Proteq into the flooded portion of the floor that I couldn’t drain.  The Proteq soaked up the water and fluffed up beautifully.  I topped with my shavings and she has had a dry stable since.  I am so very impressed with your product!

My stable at home will be a Proteq one!

I have attached a photo for you – the left side is before, the right side after.

— Gillian Kerr

Amanda Shoobridge – Revelwood

I have been using Proteq at Revelwood for almost 3 years. In this time I have used the bedding for my performance horses, stallions and foaling mares. I find the Proteq bedding an excellent choice to create a clean, dust free environment. It is cost effective and its super easy to top up stables when required

— Amanda Shoobridge – Revelwood

Amazing product, so easy to use and lasts forever!! and a great company who generously gives to support rescue horses!! we need more companies like this in the world who care so much about the welfare of horses!

— Callula Kennedy

I would like to start with I love Proteq.

I used it for the first time in my stable for my sheep. She was heavily pregnant and Proteq kept my stable warm, dry, soft and smell free.

Proteq makes fantastic compost for my veggie garden and I use the product in my Chicken coop.

It’s easy to keep clean and smells great. I put it in the nesting boxes and have had very happy girls laying there eggs every day in Proteq.

— Jenny Fabian

Brett Parbery of Brett Parbery Performance Horses

We choose Proteq Equine Bedding as our stable bedding for all competitions purely for the fact for ease of transport, cleanliness throughout the show and lack of dust. The way the material binds together to form a dense stable bed makes sure our horses never go through the bedding onto the base. We happily recommend Proteq as your first choice in your equine bedding

— Brett Parbery of Brett Parbery Performance Horses

Hawkesbury Hilltop Haven

With our previous bedding, I would easily take out 2 – 3 barrels of wet shavings out of Mister’s stable..

Mister had his first night in the box and I took out 1 fork scoop full.

!! Truly AMAZING results !!

— Hawkesbury Hilltop Haven

J and R Equestrian – Jess Stalling & Rhys Stones

We LOVE Proteq Bedding!! For those that know us, know how fussy and particular we are with our stable bedding and cleaning regime… I wish Proteq existed a long time ago!!!

— J and R Equestrian – Jess Stalling & Rhys Stones

Rebecca Mofflin

I’ve been using Proteq since January and this pic was taken today (April). My horse is THE messiest horse when it comes to stabling and usually I would’ve done a complete bedding change twice already! This is the same bedding I put in back in January and all I’ve done is top up with 1-2 bags a week. I couldn’t be happier with Proteq Bedding! I’ll tell anybody who will listen about how amazing it is and have already converted a few friends over to it and they can’t believe they weren’t using it sooner. Thanks for such an amazing product!

— Rebecca Mofflin

Vicki Roycroft

“Love the Proteq bedding!!  It is so easy to clean, dust free, and provides a good, soft bed for the precious children, no more hock sores!  Also extremely economical, as a bag goes a long way.”

— Vicki Roycroft

Stuart Tinney OAM ( Gold medalist) and the team at Tinney Eventing.

We find Proteq all natural pine horse bedding economical, clean and easy to work with.We encourage you all to try Proteq, it’s innovative plus Australian made! You will not be disappointed!


— Stuart Tinney OAM ( Gold medalist) and the team at Tinney Eventing.

Mark Kavanagh – Racing Legend

‘We have about 60 Horses in work on Proteq Bedding. We find its a great advantage having Proteq in an enclosed environment, as it has no dust. And with racehorses, we have a situation where a dust free environment is certainly much more effective.Dust has always been a problem, with sawdust, with hay, with other products we’ve used, but with Proteq theirs less coughing and less sicknesses. Proteq we know has been treated (with heat) and has no diseases and no germs. Theres no dust and its cost effective for the staff to do the boxes, and they enjoy doing it!’

— Mark Kavanagh – Racing Legend

Hemma Kearney

As an avid rider, I was fortunate enough to come across Proteq early on whilst filming Proteq’s how to video. I was really impressed right away with the ease of set up, mucking out and overall stable maintenance. I’ve tried lots of difference types of bedding, but Proteq is the best I have come across. The staff are also very friendly and super easy to deal with. I love Proteq’s fresh pine smell in the stables, it makes mucking out much more enjoyable!

— Hemma Kearney

Catherine Walker

Proteq is super easy to set up and muck out. My stables are 5m x 5m, and Proteq lasts ages in them. Dust is a concern to me, so being able to water Proteq once a day and keep dust levels low is an excellent benefit to the product. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a clean low dust horse bedding (which is everyone!)

— Catherine Walker

Georgie Cham

I have been using this product for about 3 months now, it has saved me so much time in cleaning and is easy to use. It is a soft comfortable bedding for my horses and no wheel barrowing sawdust. Thank you Proteq!

— Georgie Cham

David & Amanda Shoobridge – Revelwood Warmblood Stud

We have not only used Proteq for our riding horses and stallions, but also in our foaling stables. The bedding provides a great stable base for the horses to lie down on, is absorbent and easy to clean. The bedding stays fresher than regular sawdust and smells great!

— David & Amanda Shoobridge – Revelwood Warmblood Stud

KEA Training Stables – Rochelle King-Andrews and Greg Andrews

If you haven’t heard about Proteq before, it will become your new saving grace. KEA started using Proteq among great concerns for Challenger Jacaranda R. In 2008, Jaq underwent Tie-Back surgery as a dreaded repercussion of EI. As with this surgery, Jag is now extremely affected by dust. With the vets orders of no dust, we struggled to adjust his environment and it was an ongoing battle to get the balance right until we found Proteq.
Proteq is treated in a dust-screening process which reduces the respiratory triggers Jaq was struggling with when stabled in Sawdust. It also is so much easier to use and less time consuming than normal bedding!

— KEA Training Stables – Rochelle King-Andrews and Greg Andrews

Ghostwood Equestrian

We are loving our Proteq Equine bedding and can’t thank Greg enough for looking after us at Ghostwood Equestrian. Cleaning time only takes a much shorter time with minimal wastage. Horses love it and it is dust free and hygienic. No wet patches and no smell. Wouldn’t ever use anything else now and recommend this product highly.

— Ghostwood Equestrian

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