Frequently Asked Questions

Changing to a new bedding can be daunting for many reasons. We get asked the same questions on such a regular basis we thought we would compile a list of FAQ that may help you to understand the benefits of using a pellet bedding and why it really is a time and money saver:

How much does Proteq cost?

RRP is $16-18 per bag (depending on location) from your local produce store. Most retailers will provide it at a cheaper rate for bulk purchases such as a pallet.

How many bags do I need to set up my stable?

We recommend 1 x bag per square metre. So for a 4×4 metre stable that is 16 bags. We recommend slightly less for rubber and slightly more for dirt bases so the dirt is less likely to mix in with the clean bedding.

What is Proteq made from and what makes it so much better than my normal bedding?

Proteq is made from 100% Australian grown plantation pine. It has been dust screened, heat treated to remove potential allergens and dehydrated to ensure maximum absorbency. The higher the moisture content of your bedding, the less absorbent it will be. Proteq is 6-8% moisture and normal shavings and straw can be anywhere from 40-50% moisture!

If it’s so cost effective then why does the initial set up cost more than normal bedding?

The initial set up is an investment as it provides a long term bedding solution. Due to superior absorbency only urine spots and manure need to be removed meaning more clean bedding stays in your stall and less needs to be added. Most Proteq users report that it has saved them up to 50% in bedding costs over a 12 month period.

How many bags do I need to add per week?

We recommend an average of 1-2 bags per week. This amount does vary depending on the size of the horse, the size of the stable, the amount of time the horse is stabled per day, how messy the horse is, how conservative the stable cleaner is etc. Some users report that they only add one bag per fortnight!

Why does the bedding come in pellet form, and why do I have to wet it?

Pellets are fantastic for the transportation and storage of bedding. When you are ready to use the pellets, simply soak them in water inside their bag and they swell to 3-4 times their original size and form a lovely soft, clean and dry base for your horse.

Why do I need to water it?

Natural softwood pine pellets have an extremely low moisture content (6-8% in comparison to an average of 48% moisture in traditional sawdust or straw) making them ideal for quickly absorbing wet spots, which form small clumps for easy removal. This significantly reduces the likelihood of urine pooling at the bottom of the stable thus reducing ammonia levels building up. One of the requirements of having such an absorbent bedding is that it needs to be kept hydrated during hot or dry weather. You may notice that during particularly cold or wet periods, it does not require extra water.

I can’t seem to keep my Proteq stable clean, how do you recommend I remove all the small particles of manure?

Proteq has a fluidity similar to sand and is also very light in colour. As a result the smaller particles of manure are more visible and not always easy to remove with a normal manure fork with wider tines. Proteq has two designs of bedding forks especially designed for cleaning pellet bedding efficiently and effectively. Please contact us for more information. We also have an electronic stable cleaner called the Proteq Pulse – a great option for those who clean multiple stables daily and are looking for a way to save time, money and labour.

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