Proteq Benefits

Proteq Equine Bedding comes with 5 superior benefits to ensure your stable performs at it’s best.

Clean and Healthy

Heat treatment of 100% natural pine removes tars, oils, hydrocarbons and other potential allergens. This results in a clean, pest free bedding which reduces ammonia levels in stabled environments eliminating bad odours and reducing respiratory issues. Additional dust screening significantly helps reduce triggers in respiratory sensitive horses whilst preventing problems beginning in others.

Cost Effective

Helps your bottom line in many ways including:

  • Reduced bedding usage by up to 50%
  • Significantly less soiled bedding to dispose of
  • Less time spent mucking out stalls

Once set up, Proteq is so much easier to use than traditional bedding. Most users find that due to superior absorbency only urine spots and manure need to be removed meaning more clean bedding stays in your stall and less needs to be added.

Highly Absorbent

Natural softwood pine pellets have an extremely low moisture content
(6-8% in comparison to an average of 48% moisture in traditional sawdust or straw) making them ideal for quickly absorbing wet spots which form small clumps for easy removal. This significantly reduces the likeliness of urine pooling at the bottom of the stable thus reducing ammonia levels building up.

Convenient Bags

Easy to use, stackable bags take up significantly less space than conventional sawdust and result in a cleaner, more organised stable environment.


100% all natural pine composts quickly and efficiently and is safe to go straight out from your stable to your gardens or manure pile.

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