Proteq Equine Bedding is a premium wood based product manufactured in Australia from untreated softwood shavings and sawdust, which are by-products of the sustainably managed Australian softwood timber industry.

Proteq is heat processed to ensure the highest quality clean bedding is delivered to your stables. Specifically developed for the Equine industry, Proteq has superior benefits in comparison to traditional bedding. Its ease of use, super absorbency and health benefits to horses means that you and your stabled mates will be very happy using Proteq.

The wood pellets are made from softwood sourced from well-managed FSC accredited sustainably managed plantations, which makes Proteq environmentally friendly. Proteq is an all-natural product that is hygienically clean and super absorbent ensuring a healthy long-lasting alternative to shavings, rice, paper or straw bedding.

Bedding Comparison Table

Proteq Wood Shavings Straw Rice Hull
Absorption High Medium Medium Low
Dust Low Medium High High
Maintenance Low Medium High High
Composting High High High High
Palatability Low Low High High
Cost Low High Medium High
Comments Stable can be left for over a year before stripping due to Proteq’s absorbency and clumping of urine qualities allowing superior cleaning. Contaminants common in product, stable needs complete change on average every 6 weeks due to urine pooling. Dust content high, palatable for horses, high level of wastage, difficult to clean, mold can occur and poison Horses if eaten. Very high dust content and low absorbency. Stable needs stripping every 2 weeks to reduce urine pooling. Can cause eye injuries to Horses laying down.

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