Kate Elliot

Name: Kate Elliott (BA Psych Dip Ed, Cert IV TAE, NCAS Level 1 Coach, HSA Snr Instructor and Clinic Assessor, AQHA/AmQHA/RA/NRHA Accredited Professional, AQHA and NRHA Judge)

Current Horses:

35 Horse Training Facility with Reining and Western Performance Horses

What are your top 5 best performances?

  1. Open Ltd and Int Futurity Champion and Reserve Champion RA ‘Dunrufnit’ owned by Quarters Plus and ‘Sheza Tassa Whiz’ owned by Susan Elliott
  2. Open Futurity Champion VRHA ‘Quick Please’ owned by Pindari Pastoral Company
  3. Equitana 3* CRI Open Reining Sydney ‘OP Whizzel Do’ owned by Pindari Pastoral Company
  4. Multiple AQHA National Jnr Horse Reining Champion
  5. Slide to Equitana Open Reining Champion ‘Dunrufnit’ owned by Quarters Plus

Who has had the biggest influence on your career to date?

NRHA: Martin Larcombe
AQHA: Reid Thomas

What do you like about Proteq Equine Bedding?

Our appreciation of Proteq is shared amongst our horses, staff, interns, and clients for the following reasons:

  • hypo allergenic
  • cost effective,
  • comfortable,
  • time effective,
  • easy to transport, particularly to competition,
  • low volume storage,
  • increased rest time from horses in Proteq stables,
  • reduced respiratory and dermatological issues with show coats
  • looks and smells fresh,
  • high absorbency with less waste,
  • and less accumulated wasteconstant, consistent, quality supply

Was it always your plan to work with horses professionally?

Always had an innate passion to work together with horses and people, so it was a natural to coach and train.

What made you choose your current discipline?

The Quarter Horse directed me towards western performance with temperament, trainability and athleticism.

What qualities do you look for when choosing a new horse?

Structural correctness, quality of movement, and extraordinary character.

What is your favourite training exercise?

Both Lateral and Collection exercises that develop connection, confidence, and conditioning so that the horse can perform with willingness and softness.

What gets you out of bed every morning?

Coffee and a reflection on the impossibility of what I hope to achieve in one day!

How do you deal with the lows of the sport?

With a positive mindset, surrounded by positive professionals and a team of great clients, that inspire me with their challenges.

Your most embarrassing career moment?

A positive mindset and internal locus of control, means that rather than experience embarrassment, I embrace every moment and direct the energy towards future performance goals.

What would your advice be to an aspiring professional?

As a business that has supported interns, secondary and tertiary vocational placement students and aspiring professionals for the past twenty years, our advice is simple… get up early and work harder and smarter than you think you did yesterday.  This is the sentiment of ‘Breakoday’.  Always learn, develop, progress.

Always believe in yourself. Know that you can achieve anything.  Think nothing else.

What would you say to anyone who is hesitating to make the change over to Proteq?

Your entire team will appreciate the change.  Your horses, your staff and your clients will support your decision.  Start with just one box, try it out, I assure you the benefits counter the set up cost, and the maintenance is more cost effective, environmental and comfortable for your horses.

Ultimate goal?

Excellence in care, management and performance of our show team.

Photo credit : Stephen Mowbray

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