Silverthorn Australian Stock Horses


Silverthorn Stock Horses (Paul and Julie Wardell with Brittany Hetherington)


Australian Stock Horses

Current Horses:

Silverthorn Guns and Roses, Silverthorn Man O War, Tarraway Jackson, and Silverthorn Sapphire.

What are your top 5 best performances?

  • Silverthorn My Girl won the prestigious Australian Stock Horse Society Prince of Wales Trophy for 2014 after winning championships at Melbourne Royal Show, Canberra Royal Show, and Australian Stock Horse Nationals.
  • Silverthorn My Girl took out Supreme Hack at the ASHS Nationals in 2014.
  • In 2014 Brittany won senior champion ASHLA (Australian Stock Horse Ladies Association) with Silverthorn Guns and Roses at both Melbourne and Brisbane Royal Shows as well as Champion ASH Hack at Brisbane Royal Show.
  • Brittany was awarded State Champion Junior Judge at Sydney Royal Show 2013.
  • Brittany and Guns and Roses took out Champion ASHLA at Sydney Royal Show 2015

Who has had the biggest influence on your career to date?

Not one person in particular – we are happy to try new methods to complement our own tried and true practices from experts of all equine disciplines.

Was it always your plan to work with horses professionally?


What made you choose your current discipline?

It just evolved.

What qualities do you look for when choosing a new horse?

Temperament, type, conformation

What is your favourite training exercise?


What gets you out of bed every morning?

12 horses to ride.

How do you deal with the lows of the sport?

Rise above them.

Your most embarrassing career moment?

When Paul went right instead of left in the ASH working pattern at Sydney Royal Show.

What would your advice be to an aspiring professional?

Enjoy the ride. Dot your I’s and cross your T’s

What do you like about Proteq Equine Bedding?

Ease of cleaning, hygienic, time saving

What would you say to anyone who is hesitating to make the change over to Proteq?

Don’t hesitate, just give it a go. It’s a great, affordable product – that’s why we use it.

Ultimate goal?

We have reached many goals we set for ourselves in the past and endeavour to continue to do so. In saying this, we enjoy mentoring the young people around us to reach their own ultimate goals in the show ring.

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