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Playmore Roulette

What are your top 5 best performances?

  • Supreme Led Toowoomba Royal 2014
  • Supreme Led Toowoomba Royal 2015
  • National 2 Year Old Futurity Winner 2014
  • National 3 Year Old Futurity Winner 2015
  • Champion Hack Canberra Royal 2015

 Who has had the biggest influence on your career to date?


Was it always your plan to work with horses professionally?

It was always going to happen

What made you choose your current discipline?

My Wife

What qualities do you look for when choosing a new horse?

Type, Conformation and Temperament.

What is your favourite training exercise?

Wet saddle cloths!

What gets you out of bed every morning?

A good horse and my wife and kids.

How do you deal with the lows of the sport?

Look forward, there is always another day.

Your most embarrassing career moment?

Still waiting….

What would your advice be to an aspiring professional?

Work hard, play hard.

What do you like about Proteq Equine Bedding?

No dust, very absorbent and stays clean and dry.

What would you say to anyone who is hesitating to make the change over to Proteq?

I have been using every sort of bedding over the last 45 years from straw, shredded rubber, shavings, sawdust and rise hulls. Proteq is the Group 1 winner by a long way.

Ultimate Goal?

To breed better horses to pass on and watch the kids enjoy them.

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