Mark Kavanagh endorses Proteq Equine Bedding

‘Success starts in the stall!’  Proteq – The new standard in Equine Bedding


Mark Kavanagh, Melbourne cup winning racing legend is said to be one of the best trainers in the Australia. With industry leading care for his 60+ Horses on site at Flemington Racecourse, it was only a matter of time before Mark tried the newest bedding on the market – Proteq.

Proteq met with Mark in June 2014 to film a new promotional video featuring the Kavanagh stables as seen in the photos here. As suspected, Marks dedication to the sport was evident upon arrival at 5am where the Proteq film crew met Mark on the track to begin filming.


A word from Mark – ‘We have about 60 Horses in work on Proteq Bedding. We find its a great advantage having Proteq in an enclosed environment, as it has no dust. And with racehorses, we have a situation where a dust free environment is certainly much more effective. Dust has always been a problem, with sawdust, with hay, with other products we’ve used, but with Proteq there’s less coughing and less sicknesses. Proteq we know has been treated (with heat) and has no diseases and no germs. There’s no dust and its cost effective for the staff to do the boxes, and they enjoy doing it!’

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