The hidden dangers of Horse Bedding

Equus Magazine this week featured an informative article about the dangers of different wood products to Horses (read the full article here). The article was written by Dr Jim Latham, Equine Veterinarian from Mill Creek Veterinary Service, Colorado. It outlined the importance of knowing what your Horses bedding is made of, as many types of wood product, in particular some kinds of hard woods can be very toxic to Horses.

The most common types of shavings sold as by-product into the Equine industry in Australia are softwoods, but with no guarantees as to what the product contains, often sawmill sourced products contain a mixture of wood types, soil contaminants and may even contain shavings from treated wood (display photo shows chips of blue paint in bale of shavings).

Dr Mattea Davidson

So how can you source a safe bedding for your Horse in Australia?

Proteq is a specifically manufactured bedding, designed and developed to meet your Horses needs. It is an entirely homogenous product that is produced from pine softwood. It contains absolutely no chemicals, contaminants or additives and is heat processed to kill any pathogens found naturally occurring in wood products. Proteq is 100% safe for your Horse and is a hypoallergenic product. Check out our product video on the home page to hear Dr Mattea Davidson talk about the benefits of Proteq.

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